Connect Consulting Group, LLC.
Focus - Action - Determination - Results

Connect Consulting Group, LLC. (CCG) is a multifaceted business consultancy providing services to private companies, government entities and individuals within the land investment and wireless communications industries.

CCG was founded when a request was made of its founding member to help connect a company to potential partners in the wireless industry. From that point requests continued to come and the company has taken a very focused approach to provide clients with specific services that ultimately connect them with their desired outcome. CCG has provided service to clients in the areas of strategic business development, marketing & sales strategies, lease buy-out negotiations, M&A strategies and jurisdictional permitting.   

At CCG our desire is to enhance your business. We think outside of traditional means and approaches in an effort to help your business get to the next level or reach a very specific goal. We take on only a few clients at any given time, we listen and we focus on their needs and how our services will contribute to or help shape their business. At CCG we believe all actions are connected - when we provide a service, and reach your goal, that triggers other actions in your company to act on and build on - we take the business lifecycle seriously and look at all service engagements with a global view and ultimately how your business will be enhanced.

We look forward to the opportunity of serving you!

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