Connect Consulting Group, LLC.


Strategic Business Development:
What is your plan? All companies need a plan to engage with the market. We are not talking about your 90 page business plan. More specifically your short & midterm plans to connect to your market - what is it that you are doing immediately that can have an impact on the shape of your business? What will engage your potential clients/customers for the long term? What are your current customers thinking when they interface with your business? Who should your strategic partners be and why? These are a portion of the questions that help to shape your plan and will ultimately drive your business and make a lasting impression on the market you serve.  

CCG can help to build and implement your strategic business development roadmap:
  • Defining Markets
  • Internal Connections & Service/Product Delivery Pathways
  • Client Interface Mapping
  • Baselining Brand Identity
  • Defining Company Image
  • Strategic Partner Analysis
  • Implementation Mapping & Milestones
  • Plan to Practice
  • Results  

Lease Purchase Negotiations:
The rapid expansion of the wireless communications industry creates opportunity for buyers and sellers alike. The purchase of lease instruments can be a great way for a seller (lease owner) to "unlock" value & inject money into other investments or use the capital to grow their core business and at the same time it is a fantastic way for an investor (buyer) to build a "cash-flow" portfolio. CCG has deep roots in real estate and contract negotiations in addition to decades of experience in wireless site development. Our experience ultimately produces a win-win situation for buyers and sellers. Please contact us to learn more about the lease purchase process and how CCG can help you.   

Communication Tower Brokerage:
CCG's years of experience in tower asset management, real estate, communication tower development & finance tranlate into very effective representation for the buyer or seller of communication tower facilities.

  • Market Metrics
  • Tower Valuation
  • Buyer/Seller Analysis
  • Marketing
  • Packaging
  • Negotiation

Sales Planning & Methodology:
How do you sell? Same way as everybody else? A sales plan is just as important as how you sell - the method by which you engage at the face-to-face customer level. Are you following everybody else or blazing your own path?  

  • A tailored sales approach - unique to your company (not canned)
  • In-depth team discussions to uncover the root personality of the sales team and the ultimate customer interface method
  • Sales team and the "internal" client - planning & interface
  • Sales tracking - tools & methods

Jurisdictional Negotiations & Permitting: 
Through years of real estate deals & development CCG has interfaced with jurisdictions, HOAs and other government bodies in numerous parts of the country. Working within the jurisdictional process can be stressful & intimidating. CCG can take on your submittals, negotiations and act as a single point of contact for the numerous questions and process dealings that take place - ultimately freeing you up to concentrate on your core operations.    

Asset Marketing:
Your land and/or building assets have hidden value. Wireless operators are continually seeking strategic locations to place communication facilities to expand their network to meet coverage and capacity demands. To acquire new sites carriers employ acquisition firms to represent them in the negotiations and development. CCG has decades of experience deploying networks and negotiating with/and for wireless providers. We understand the intricacies behind the site selection process and the motivation within the negotiation process. CCG can create a comprehensive plan to elevate the exposure of your assets to the wireless community and represent your interests in the negotiation process resulting in an increase in value to your assets and business.


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