Connect Consulting Group, LLC.

About Us

Connect Consulting Group, LLC was founded by Mr. John Stevens. Mr. Stevens founded CCG because he was increasingly being asked to make connections within the industry for people and companies seeking strategic partners or ways to expand their reach in the wireless space. Throughout the past fifteen years CCG has become involved in various types of projects most all of which have a theme of strategic partnering for the betterment of both parties. At CCG our mission has evolved organically over time and has been solely based on the inherent needs of our clients to continually expand and explore.

Mr. Stevens spent eight years in commercial real estate development, management, leasing & finance and the last twenty years in the wireless communications industry, holding executive positions in network development, tower portfolio management, program management, consulting and sales. In addition, Mr. Stevens served as President of the Arizona Wireless Association for over four years, implementing an array of educational programs for the wireless industry workforce and cities & towns as well as spearheading events that raised thousands for local & national charities.

At CCG we take great pride in becoming a part of the development of your business, from the simplest task that you need done to more complex strategies, we appreciate the opportunity to work with you.     
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